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Hunan tea

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  Tea is one of China s folk custom, it is the national tradition culture accumulation, but also the people psychology refraction, it with tea activities as the center throughout the life of people, and on the basis of the traditional continuous evolution, becomes part of the cultural life of the people.


  In modern life, tea to guests, friends to tea, tea to express profound friendship, not only go into every household, but also for the organs, organizations, and national etiquette.


  Wuling is located in the mountainous area to hilly zones over Hunan, thanks to the mild climate, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, humid air, the mountain and valley perennial deep clouds, diffuse illumination time is long, and the mountains of humic substances, trace elements, very suitable for the growth of tea. Especially for amino acid, catechins, polyphenols and other aromatic compounds formation and accumulation. So Hunan teems with tea, but also produce like Junshan needles, Guzhang Maojian tea, such as tea and famed China and foreign countries.

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