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Liling porcelain

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  Hunan, Liling, and Jingdezhen, Dehua is famous of China's famous three " porcelain" one, known as the " porcelain " in the world, with nearly two thousand years of ceramic production history, have long enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad.


  Liling underglazed ceramic is Chinese traditional craft treasures, it selects the privileged and glazes, raw materials and rare earth, nonferrous metal mine is developed with its unique color, exquisite handmade decorative art, decorative in fetal glaze, after 1400high temperature firing, glaze melting in the fetal glaze, pattern through the glaze layer over the porcelain table, colourful, exquisitely carved, crystal-clear and moist, with very high degree of whiteness, transparency and hardness of glaze, product modeling beautiful, noble and elegant, decorative screen from all things, brilliant color, true to life likeness, " colour profusion, crystal-clear and moist, exquisitely carved, visible, touchable, never fade " a sense of mystery, truly achieve the " paper thin, white jade, as bright as a mirror, such as chime sound " supreme. Glaze with decals, pastels, colorful, the incomparable advantages of porcelain, Liling porcelain is due to lead, cadmium and other any harmful to human body material, acid, alkali, suitable for human living environment and drinking utensils of the strict requirements, is environmentally safe porcelain, therefore known as " Oriental Ceramic Art. ", won the " world famous porcelain of Liling " praise, ceramic kingdom is a shining pearl, with its rich cultural heritage, reflect ancient and modern.

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