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Seven sisters ( pepper )

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  zhangjiajie Cave Creek seven sisters pepper Development Company Limited was established in 2004 May sent to develop a hole Creek primitive seven sisters chili series products ( chili, chili, chili dry stone, chili powder, foam green pepper ), run the other agricultural products, set production, processing, and sales in one of the standard green food production enterprises.

  Companies registered capital of 500000 yuan, plant area of more than 20 mu, the annual processing capacity of more than 100 tons, is now the production of " spicy hot heart, including fire is lit ". Cave Creek chili series products spicy pure, taste excellent, excellent quality, exquisite packaging and environmental protection, by the broad masses of consumers. 2005 " hole Creek " brand chili series products was named " product of zhangjiajie "; in 2006 won the " Lake agricultural fair " international gold prize. At present, the product demands exceeds supply. Our company always adhere to the " quality first, customer first " purpose, based on local characteristics, the development of national handicraft economy, constantly improve the product, better meet the needs of customers, adapt to the demands of the market. " zhangjiajie Cave Creek " with " spicy hot heart, including fire not Shanghuo " in the world.

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